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Welcome to Timon, Inc.

Timon, Inc. is a provider of quality products and services for information management including:

  • Consulting;
  • Database management service and products, including Database Administration / Data Warehousing / DataMarts / Data Mining;
  • Network and Internet/intranet support services, web development,   e-Commerce/e-Business;
  • Resource contract services;
  • Business process improvement and reengineering;
  • Information Engineering and related (CASE) methodologies -- utilization and training;
  • Application recommendation, selection, requirements planning, customization and implementation;
  • Technology planning and solutions in broad range of areas, including Accounting, Budgeting and Financial Reporting Systems, Engineering, Customer Services, Scheduling, Networks, Human Resources, Insurance, Manufacturing, Software development and technology targeting and implementation;
  • Office productivity (including speech recognition/dictation, document imaging);
  • Daily Manager® line of business and accounting and specialty software products, as well as other proven software solutions

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Products and Services


We have been in business since 1982. We are an established, experienced firm offering quality products and services.

Our purpose is to help you successfully achieve your goals!

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